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TripSpin “SNAP” Information

As a TripSpin Subscriber, you are able to share “SNAP” to family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances, saving them money on their travel, while you earn Bonus Rewards Points for those travel bookings. You are then able to apply your Reward Points towards “Lifestyle” products and services, your own personal travel, creating deep discounts or even travel completely FREE!!!

We’d like to take a few moments and answer some frequently asked questions about maximizing the value of your TripSpin Subscription through sharing “SNAP” – the fastest and easiest way to earn free travel.

(1) I’m a TripSpin Subscriber, how do I promote my SNAP?

As a TripSpin Subscriber you can share SNAP by sending prospective customers to the invitation only URL, (See the next question.)

(2) Once someone goes to the SNAP invite URL,, what will they be required to do?

Your new “SNAP” Customer will first, create a “SNAP” account. Your prospective customer will need your InviteCode… they will enter your InviteCode, First Name, Last Name, Email address and Password, then simply click “Submit” to start booking travel on your site for their next trip! Click on the InviteCode link or the My Account link at the top of this page to see your InviteCode.

(3) If for some reason my account is no longer active, what happens to the SNAP” Account(s)/Customer(s)?

If your TripSpin Subscription is inactive, your linked “SNAP” Account(s)/Customer(s) will remain active and the generated Reward Points will be placed into a Bonus Pool for future TripSpin promotions for the benefit of active TripSpin Subscribers.

(4) What is the benefit of using SNAP?

Your “SNAP” Customers receive 50% of your TripSpin Subscriber discount and You receive 100% of Reward Points earned from the “SNAP” customer’s bookings: Hotels, Resorts, Cruises & Rental Cars. Plus, half of the SNAP customer’s savings in Reward Points i.e. – If your Prestige booking created $1,000 savings for you, then your SNAP customer would receive $500 savings and you would receive 25,000 (500*50=25,000) additional Bonus Reward Points.

(5) Will Rewards Points be issued on a cancelled booking?

Reward Points can only be issued on active/completed bookings.

(6) Are taxes displayed in the search results?

Yes, taxes will be shown in the total in the search results. You will also see what the average price is per night displayed in the search results, just like in your “Prestige” Lifestyle Portal.

(7) Where will I be able to see my “SNAP” Customers, my “SNAP” Customers’ pending bookings and Reward Points?

Several Places. First, when someone creates a “SNAP” account using your “SNAP” InviteCode, you will immediately see that new “SNAP” Account owners show up in your “Prospects” section of your W7G Connect GoRecruit App as a Customer.

Second, your TripSpin – “MY ACCOUNT” – will display your Total “SNAP” accounts and the number of “SNAP” accounts created in the last 30 days.

Finally, when your “SNAP” customer books a Hotel, Resort, Rental Car and/or an Activity(s), then in your TripSpin Prestige – “My Account” < Reward Points section is a listing of bookings and related Reward Points. Please note: “SNAP” bookings and Reward Points are combined with your personal bookings and points and you will not receive points for Activities.

(8) How often will I receive my Reward Points?

Reward Points are not issued until after the “SNAP” Customer’s travel has been completed and TripSpin has received the Reward Points for that travel/activity booking. The status of your Reward Points can be found in the TripSpin Prestige – “My Account” < Reward Points section. Your TripSpin Subscription must be active at the time Reward Points are issued in order to receive them and you will forfeit ALL your Reward Points if your Subscription is no longer active.

(9) I’m a TripSpin Subscriber, do I need to log in to the SNAP customer Site to book my personal travel?

No. As a TripSpin Subscriber you have access to a members-only insider pricing platform offering exclusive weekly specials, a personal travel concierge, and a 110% price guarantee. You can access this by going to TripSpin Prestige Lifestyle Portal.

As a TripSpin Subscriber, how do I know what the SNAP Customer Travel Site contains?

Currently, your “SNAP” Customers have access to just Hotels, Cruises, Rental Cars, & Activities. These four (4) choices are displayed exactly the same as displayed on your TripSpin Prestige Lifestyle Portal

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